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Military and Aerospace

Darceo actively supports the DOD, Nasa, security agencies and many commercial Aerospace companies. The team has worked with the Air Force, Army and Navy research labs to advance technologies an provide the tools our military needs on the front lines and here at home. Darceo continues to investigate new innovative technologies to support all of the DoD agencies and help bring these technologies from laboratory concepts to frontline products. With a core competency in electronic devices, embedded systems, machine design, test equipment design and fabrication, and process control & management, Darceo can be a valuable asset to the Mil/Aero customer to meet their needs.

Industrial, Controls and IoT

Darceo is actively involved in various Industrial markets where product development with sensors and controls leads to improved sales for our customers. Controls systems for large equipment (transportation/mining equipment, factory systems) leverages Darceo experience and expertise to continue product improvement and innovation. The Internet of Things (IoT) devices are driving a new revolution in providing total solutions for the industry and casual user. These devices include smart grid monitoring, thermostats, light bulbs, door locks, industrial monitoring and controls, implants for RFID and other agricultural applications. The concept behind the IoT is all devices working together to provide improved information for improved Life. Darceo has developed several devices in the space leading to a core Embedded internal system that can be leveraged for our customers. This lowers entry costs and builds rapid partnerships in the space for new and upgraded product development projects.

Energy, Home Controls

Darceo has expert capability and experience ranging from smart wireless devices (IoT) development, 1Ghz RF designs, high volume production plastic designs using injection molds, smart home power management design and integration, power grid asset management (IoT), embeded firmware with cyber security development, and regulator certification.

Medical Devices

Darceo is knowledgeable in the design of medical aid devices. We have designed tools for many different areas of the medical field. Tools ranging from devices used everyday in a practice, Pre-Surgery marking, and surgical aid devices. The medical industry is an ever growing field with requirements for new devices and equipment daily. Darceo has a skilled team capable of designing safe and reliable tools to be used in a large variety of situations.