Weapon Systems

Energy, Home, Industrial

Medical Devices

  • Power Arbitrage Storage System
  • Home Controls
  • Power Grid IoT Devices
  • Advanced Process Development
  • Military New Technology Integration
  • Military Equipment Integration
  • Imaging Diagnostics
  • Cathedral Eye
  • Medical Device Attachment

Metals Systems

MRI Component System Test

Plasma Electrolytic Deposition

  • Design
  • Improvements
  • Display
  • Software Development
  • MRI System Switching
  • Test Requirements
  • Full Production System Development
  • Chemistry Technology
  • PCB Design and Layout


Advanced Process Development
Equipment and process development for advanced weapon systems components​​
Component Analysis and Repair process development

Military New Technology Integration

  • Air Force Research and Development Program
  • Advanced Manufacturing Process Implementation - Cold Spray
  • FEA/Stress Analysis
  • Elasticity, Crack Propagation, Thermal analysis, Wear analysis, Environmental analysis
  • Product Requirements Definition
  • Test Validation - Flight Analysis
  • AS9100C Regulatory Control

Military Equipment Integration

  • Additive manufacturing
  • 3-axis motion systems
  • Electrical and Mechanical Design
  • Software Development - LabVIEW/Softmotion
  • 1,000 lb Load
  • 50 MM/sec Linear Speed
  • 200 lb Load @ 700 RPM


Home Controls Product Design

  • Turn-key Concept to Market
  • Electrical Design
  • Full Embedded System including Cybersecurity
  • Injection Molding Design
  • Electrical-Mechanical Integration
  • Full Regulatory

Power Storage System

  • Turn-key solution for smart home power management
  • Full system design and integration
  • Firmware control design with power system controls
  • Multiple power inputs - solar, grid, wind
  • Cellular Communication to secure server
  • Full user interface with customizable dashboard for grid power monitoring and analytic reporting
Power Grid Monitoring Technology
  • Turn-key solution for power grid monitoring of utility poles
  • Full system design and integration into server
  • Firmware design and integration into device
  • Receive immediate notification of problematic movement or electrical faults
  • Cellular communication to secure server
  • Full user interface with customizable dashboard for grid monitoring and analytic reporting


  • Surgical Keratoscope for alignment of lenses during eye surgery. now moving to automated IoT version. Turn-key design for electronics and mechanicals.
  • Visual Axis glasses parallax free turn-key design for electronics and mechanicals.
  • ​Cathedral Eye system imaging diagnostics for heart issues through the eye. Full system design.
  • EKG correlation to bloode movement in eye for heart diagnostics
  • Turn-key system integration and platform design
  • Mechanical system design
  • Optics system and lighting design
  • Human factors specification and use

Cathedral Eye

Ophthalmology Surgery Tool

  • Turn-key product to market
  • Mechanical enclosure design
  • Electronics design/board layout
  • Turn-key manufacturing
  • Limited cost program (13K)


Metals sytems design

  • Full system redesign for cost reduction
  • 37% Materials reduction
  • 60% Assembly Labor reduction
  • Improved Reliability


  • Multi-select head switch - 196 RF paths
  • MRI system switching
  • 333 Mhz to 2.3Ghz
  • Multiple amplifier stages 9 assemblies
  • Board level test - gallium arsenide FETS
  • Software Development - Labview/Test stand
  • Power, S-parameter, network analyzer


  • Full turn-key production system development
  • Produce surfaces 3-5x harder and more wear-resistant than traditional hard anodized coatings
  • Mixed Chemistry Technology
    • Graphite for wear
    • Colorants
  • Complete design: Conception to production
  • Fast high DC (1KV) voltage/current switching -200 to 600 VDC up to +/-72 Amps at 3Khz
  • Software development - Labview/Embedded programming
  • PCB Design and layout
  • Fully programmable recipes